Dining in Detroit

Detroit Princess Riverboat is a moving experience...literally. The old-fashioned riverboat ferries guests down the river while they enjoy fine cuisine and a theme evening, such as Motown or a Moonlight Cruise with a local DJ. The Detroit Princess was originally called the Players Riverboat Casino II, and was built in Louisiana for gambling purposes. Harrah's ran it as such for a few years before deciding in wanted a larger boat. Therefore, it was purchased by its current owners to be brought from Texas to Detroit. It was refitted to serve as a restaurant, and now can serve up to 1,800 passengers each evening. A sure-fire winner is the porterhouse with all the fixings, or try the loin cut pork chops.

Do you Wah-Hoo? Countless Detroiters do. Wah-Hoo is a sushi lover's dream, with upscale, modern decor and artfully presented sushi platters that will impress the most jaded sushi connoisseur. It doesn't stop there, however. There are many familiar (with a twist) Chinese dishes, such as Kung Pao and Moo Shu, but the sushi bar is where it's at. Try the super-spicy Wasabi Yam-Yam Roll, or the decadent Rainbow Roll, and you'll feel guilty poking your chopsticks into these works of art.

Motown Cafe is your laid-back, no hurries and no worries spot. With an all-American menu, it's got something for every appetite, and its funky ambiance is half the fun.
It's got your subs, salads, pitas, burgers, dogs, seafood and more, reflecting the Southern-style cooking of Motown and yet incorporating healthy options that are de rigeur these days. Try the beef gyro or the Philly cheese steak sandwich for a rib-sticking meal.

24 Grille is the culinary highlight of a visit to Detroit. Dark, mysterious and sophisticated inside, and an airy, light and charming street side dining area show a remarkable contrast, yet blend together perfectly. One of Detroit's most popular upscale restaurants, 24 Grille doesn't disappoint. Food leans toward modern American regional classics, such as pulled pork tacos, Indiana duck confit, baked meatloaf, Angus Kona strip and much more. Impressing a client? Then do it here.

Anchor Bar and Grill, much like a British pub, is where you'll find regulars who sit and nurse a beer for hours, and vacationers happen across and find some of the most fun food on their Detroit trip. For those aspiring journalists, you'll get a kick out of hanging with some of Detroit's leading news men and women as they chill after making deadline. As for food? One word: "Totcho." This is an American nacho, so to speak, consisting of Tater Tots under a huge dollop of chili, Velveeta and hot pickled jalapenos. It's a dive that is well worth sneaking into.