Getting Around Detroit

The Joe Louis Arena can be easily reached by various modes of transportation because of the central location in Detroit. Interstate 75 runs directly through the northern part of the downtown district, and this highway provides great access for all visitors coming from all over Michigan and all regions as far south as Florida. However, getting to the Joe Louis Arena can be a tricky task because there are so many interconnected road ramps and small one-way streets. Drivers may find themselves making loops through the nearby busy beltway roads such as John Lodge Freeway, Chrysler Freeway, and Jefferson Avenue. One reason that driving is not the most recommended option is that there is limited parking space available at the Joe Louis Arena. The arena has its own parking garage on Jefferson Avenue. There is also additional parking that may have to be shared with the nearby Cobo Arena, a major convention center. Several other parking garages are available a few blocks away from the ice hockey arena.

To avoid the heavy road congestion in Downtown Detroit, visitors are urged to take advantage of the Detroit People Mover system. This automated rail service provides easy access to all major districts of the heart of Detroit. The Detroit People Mover consists of a single loop line that stops at thirteen different stations, including directly at the Joe Louis Arena. The elevated tracks of the Detroit People Mover provide great panoramic views over central Detroit. On any station, riders can expect the automatic trains to arrive every several minutes. The Detroit Amtrak Station, which is served by the Wolverine line, is located about five miles north of the Joe Louis Arena. Unfortunately, the Detroit People Mover does not connect with the Amtrak Station. However, there are public buses provided by the Detroit Department of Transportation and SMART that stop at the Amtrak Station.

Another great public transportation option to Joe Louis Arena and downtown is to take the buses provided by the Detroit Department of Transportation. Bus routes such as 10, 16, 19 and 20 stop near the Joe Louis Arena and Cobo Arena. Additionally, the SMART bus network also stops near these two major venues and connects to other parts of Detroit and the surrounding suburban communities. With more than 35 SMART bus routes, visitors are guaranteed to find a convenient ride between the Joe Louis Arena and other destinations.